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All information and research on this website is gathered and used with written permission from the
participating authors, contributors & advisors concerning nuclear science, energy and waste repository data!
US Nuclear Energy Foundation is an independent foundation and not supported exclusively by any industry or
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Our mission is to influence change in public opinion towards
knowledgeable citizens about nuclear energy and waste repository issues.

The single most destructive trend in modern humanity . . . is the absence of TRUTH & INTEGRITY

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“Our freedoms can only
be maintained by the advancement of technologies that serve mankind—
not advancing technology puts Freedom at Risk and
our freedom is
threatened because we
don't take the time to
participate in it” GJD

Nuclear is the smallest footprint C02 emissions free energy source on our planet . . . It's time WE reclaim nuclear technology!

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DVD-0Interviews, four separate clips with two each of the program participants 60:13 Min
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DVD-1Opening session with NV Congressmen Mark Amodei & IL Congressman John Shimkus42:32 Min
DVD-2 Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982 & 2008 update, video greeting Jim DeMint, President of the Heritage Foundation 
 Presentation by Jack Spencer, President of the Roe Institute at the Heritage Foundation 44:32 Min
DVD-3Economics of the Yucca Mountain Repository, Robert Edmonds, AREVA   58:18 Min
DVD-4Nuclear energy safety, storage and transportation, panel discussion, L to R, 
 Dan Schinhofen, Dennis Moltz, Cash Jaszczak, Gary Hollis50:13 Min
DVD-5Afternoon Full Panel Discussion Q&A     40:35 Min
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Nuclear Cinderella

The Best introduction to nuclear technology we have seen


Written by Lucjan Pypno





• The age of communication and information
• Why do people not believe that Nuclear Energy is the safest form of energy?
• The role of policymakers
• Chain reaction

An extraordinary approach to the problem of communication, education
and the understanding of nuclear energy

Introduction (Nuclear Cinderella)

Nuclear energy is like Cinderella; despite the fact that it does a great and hard job (supplying our civilisation with clean and reliable energy), the majority of the population see it as something “dirty” (radioactive) or in the best case as a “necessary evil”. But there is good news for our Cinderella; “the prince” (in this role our civilisation) is looking to marry a “princess” (an energy source) whose foot would fit a “golden slipper” - which has been lost during the development of our industrial civilisation.  The “golden slipper” however, will fit just a “princess” possessing few characteristic features; low emissions, cheap, safe, sustainable, and reliable. Does our Cinderella match the “golden slipper”? I would say yes. Unfortunately there is no magic behind the “nuclear Cinderella”. The fact that she fits the features of the “golden slipper” is not enough. She still carries a “dirty gown” in the form of the burden of her own reputation – and there is no magic spell to change it.

The nuclear industry has to take the challenge and dress “Cinderella” up into a new gown – the gown which will change the imagination of people about nuclear power. The only way to do it is to communicate about its benefits and explaining its risks using a language which will be easy to understand by laypeople. It will bring benefits for both sides. But what is also important, is that it may help to deal with the biggest challenge faced by the industry – which is to help to cut costs and create a better environment for investment in a new generation of nuclear power plants.

This challenge is a concern of the whole industry; it does not matter if we talk about water cooled reactors, small modular reactors, molten salt or fast breeding technology or any other nuclear technology ( as well as of course nuclear waste issues, uranium mining or enrichment). The gown is one and covers the whole industry.

So what should be the next step?  Take off the dirty clothes (reputation/image) and put on a new gown (create a new reputation/image). 



Current Updates, Issues, Activities

The nuclear energy industry worldwide has been wrongfully demonized by environmentalists, the media and ill-informed politicians for nearly half a century. No matter how much it is erroneously demonized to the public, it remains the safest, cleanest most economical high volume electrical generation known to mankind. America’s continued avoidance of nuclear power will be surpassed by China, India, Korea and other growing countries unless citizens, bureaucrats and business wake up to make nuclear energy a national renewable energy initiative. An industry we once owned, we let slip away because of political and social misconceptions. The appropriate statement is, what were we thinking?

We must do more than "watch" as we "see" government continue on misguided
paths in their perception of representing the public good. As difficult as the task
may be, we must educate and motivate our citizens to engagement

On June 20, 2013 Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval wrote a letter to DOE Secretary Muniz objecting to the planned shipment of Consolidated Edison Uranium Solidification Project (CEUSP) canisters containing dangerous and long-lived radioactive waste for disposal at Area 5 of the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS). Needless to say, it is our position that the technical facts of this disposal process should provide an accurate educational background to the public. Our cover letter to Governor Sandoval and our interjection of comments to his letter to DOE Secretary Muniz are posted on our LINK to LETTERS page.

The importance of distributing these types of ISSUES to our citizens for truthful educational
clarification is vital for transparency of government and society.


Possibly the most TRUTH about nuclear energy in 30 years!

In 1983, Dr. Bernard L. Cohen proposed that uranium is effectively inexhaustible, and could therefore be considered a renewable source of energy. For those of us today who continue to believe this proposal, we must continue to propose this to the ENERGY COMMUNITY!

DOE's - Idaho National Laboratory

Established in 1949 the Idaho National Laboratory is known as
United States’ National Nuclear Laboratory

Following is some data on the impacts of this national laboratory on the state of Idaho:

This data is represented by the following criteria: Goods and services purchased within the state; number of employees, income of employees, the tax revenue generated by the lab.

l The TOTAL impact generation is more than 3.5 billion annually.
l The lab boosts the Idaho personal income by 2 billion annually.
l It drives more than 24,000 jobs in the state.
l The lab DIRECTLY employ’s 7,000 to 8,000 people.
l The secondary employment caused by the lab is about 16,000 people.
l INL accounts for 6.5% of the statewide economic output.

Directly and indirectly the lab accounts for $135 million in personal income, corporate income and sales taxes paid to Idaho. The average wage for 8,000 employees is $80,000 annually. They expend 2.5 million to colleges for continuing education; charitable contributions of 3.3 million and employee donated hours are valued at 10 million.

The INL facility is the largest of the multi-program national laboratories with 890 Sq. miles of desert operations in rural eastern Idaho. INL is managed by Battelle Energy Alliance (BEA) its primary activities are the Advanced Test Reactor Complex and the Materials & Fuels Complex. Educational attainment is high with employees well above state and national averages. The high educational nature of employees correlates to a highly paid workforce.

Nevada National Nuclear Repository
As a Public-Private Partnership - Nevada's future

The Yucca Mountain Repository both as a permanent storage facility AND a potential reprocessing facility has the potential of exceeding such an economic impact by tenfold if the FOCUS is directed to technology diversification. We would urge the business community and citizens of Nevada to encourage the development of a non-partisan Public-Private Partnership to resolve the national spent nuclear fuel dilemma.

Freshman Congressman Amodei is the only Nevada representative who believes that the Yucca Mountain Project should be open for discussion to include research, reprocessing and minimal storage. Science estimates that TOTAL consumption of waste fuels can be accomplished by fourth generation reactor designs within the next 100 years.

L to R Dr. Dennis Moltz, Dick Westrup, Gary Duarte, Congressman Amodei, Dana Allen, John Weiss

Although seldom documented, many nuclear technology advancements have continued over the past 30 years increasing safety, stability and economics. The greatest importance is to educate our citizens on these basics of nuclear as the most efficient carbon free energy source available to secure our future energy needs and accomplish energy independence.

The Case for Nuclear Energy
“A 2012 Initiative”

We believe that many of America’s economic problems are a result of “energy costs”. For many years our nation’s establishment politics and media have demonized nuclear power and it is time that our citizens appraise themselves of the science and engineering of nuclear technology instead of political and media rhetoric.

We are advocating that like-minded public organizations participate in this initiative by encouraging your members to review our publication:

“The Public-Private Case for Yucca Mountain”


The Administration’s Impact on U.S. Nuclear Waste Management Policy
Executive Summary


“Other than the termination of the Department’s Super Conducting, Super Collider Project in Texas in 1998, we know of no comparable single project termination in the Department’s recent history as consequential as Yucca Mountain, given the importance of its intended mission, the massive investment in real and personal property and the development and compilation of huge quantities of Project-related, intellectual property.”

DOE Inspector General, July 2010



Energy costs are a critical factor of industrial manufacturing in ANY country

Without new nuclear we will lose our ability to compete with industrial manufacturing worldwide.

Designing, engineering and building a major reprocessing facility is an absolute must!


l  Yucca Mountain is another prime example of bureaucratic collapse! Technological issues such as this are NOT going to be resolved without the involvement of the grassroots public, provided with sufficient information to arrive at logical conclusions.

l  In all these years of the Yucca Project no one has been able to disprove the science and safety of the Yucca Mountain study. This proof positive is contained in the final DOE license application. Pulling this process for bureaucratic rather than scientific reason is a disservice to the American public.

l  Our foundation is vetted and scrutinized by every entity and the people we contact mostly because, "we speak the TRUTH" aloud. Our society is so engrained in the requirement of "political correctness" that we sacrifice TRUTH and science for self-serving bureaucracy, continuing on a path of diminishing our morality.

l  The knowledge "gap" between science, business, bureaucracy and the public is widening as our systems work to "normalize and average" intellectual independence. One of the biggest problems with mankind is “understanding” where we are!

Nevada citizens initiate nuclear dialogue via the State Republican Convention

Nevada Republican Convention 2012
Resolutions Committee and Passed by the vote of the body
Resolution # 2012-5-5-04
Energy Independence and Economic Diversification

Click here to VIEW, PRINT, SEND this letter to the
Nevada Governor, a simple grassroots initiative

Japan Page


We can only “plan” our future with our “dreams” TODAY!

“Clean Energy Parks” with the concepts designed to include wind, solar, biomass and nuclear plants. These themes are beginning to populate worldwide, China is getting shovel ready with some 19 nuclear plants, the BEST solution for carbon free power.

The worst we can do is "watch with interest" as the rest of the world builds advanced nuclear power technology!

The more we communicate the more we educate!


SEP 17th we had a booth at the NCET Expo
Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology
Each time we attend a business show or public presentation many people are open to learning a little about nuclear energy. Nuclear does not get the air play that renewables get, but when we have a chance for open discussion not all of what they "thought" was true.

Captain John W. Weiss and Gary Duarte

At shows we distribute our print collaterals and literature from other companies for an educational background of nuclear technology. We have several videos provided by nuclear firms which provide a good insight to the construction process of a large nuclear plant.

The more we communicate
the more we educate!


Because he believes in our mission
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A Sincere effort of Major importance to America-Nuclear Energy!
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