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All information and research on this website is gathered and used with written permission from the
participating authors, contributors & advisors concerning nuclear science, energy and waste repository data!
US Nuclear Energy Foundation is an independent foundation and not supported exclusively by any industry or
nuclear association but by individual and/or business support in order to retain our independence of educational materials.

Our mission is to influence change in public opinion towards
knowledgeable citizens about nuclear energy and waste repository issues.

The single most destructive trend in modern humanity . . . is the absence of TRUTH & INTEGRITY

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“Our freedoms can only
be maintained by the advancement of technologies that serve mankind—
not advancing technology puts Freedom at Risk and
our freedom is
threatened because we
don't take the time to
participate in it” GJD

Our Bullet List

l US Nuclear Energy Foundation is a volunteer grassroots organization providing educational materials and presentations to the public about nuclear energy and waste repository issues and development.

l A single repository like Yucca Mountain is easier to monitor, regulate and secure. Spent fuel consists of ceramic pellets encased in metal tubes. It is not a liquid, as gas, or green ooze. It cannot explode and does not burn.

l During the last 40 years, more than 3,000 shipments of spent nuclear fuel have navigated more than 1.7 million miles of U.S. roads and railways without accidental release of radioactive materials.

l Shipping casks are about 15 times thicker than a gasoline tank truck shell, three inches of stainless steel and thick radiation shields. Only specially licensed trucking companies will transport spent nuclear fuel which will be tracked and monitored along pubic routes that will meet strict safety requirements.

l Nuclear energy will be the key to the clean, economical, large-scale production of hydrogen from water as a fuel for transportation and industry.

l GFR – gas cooled fast reactor is helium cooled reactor with a closed fuel cycle: The GFR uses a direct-cycle helium turbine for electricity generation or can use its process heat for thermo chemical production of hydrogen. This design with full recycle of actinides minimizes the production of long-lived radioactive waste.

l Only nuclear energy can produce hydrogen on large enough scales to meet future demand for hydrogen without the release of greenhouse gases. Transmitting electricity over long distances is four times more expensive than shipping hydrogen through a pipeline

l 9 million tons of hydrogen could power 20-30 million cars or 5-8 million homes. Hydrogen development to its full potential could reduce our demand for oil by 11 million barrels a day by the year 2040.

l The International Energy Agency estimates world electricity demand will double by 2030. The U.S. DOE projects our national demand will increase by 45% in twenty years.

l Nuclear energy is NOT subject to unreliable weather or climate conditions or insufficient supplies of natural resources . . . it is our nation’s largest expandable source of electricity that will meet clean air requirements by controlling emissions of greenhouse gases.

l Math and science education is essential to maintaining our standard of living . . . we need to advance our science-literate society . . . nuclear engineers command the 3rd highest median income among the engineering professions at $102,000 a year. Today, the demand for nuclear engineers is international.

l Businesses owe it to themselves to support energy alternatives that are technologically efficient that offer leveling or reductions in the future costs for power as we do with any other competitive services.

l 10% of Nevada electricity is derived from nuclear power generation.

l In the past decades Nuclear Energy was put on the back burner while increasing our dependence on coal-fired and gas-fired power plants. This has cost us dearly in a slowdown of nuclear engineering and nuclear scientists needed for our future energy.

l Nuclear Energy can resolve our energy needs NOW as we continue to develop solar, wind, geothermal, etc. 40% of “greenhouse gas” is from electricity generation and 90% of that is from coal fired power plants.

l Yucca MT is a $58 billion project, it has employed thousands of world class scientists and engineers, $7 billion has already been invested in its design study, $15 billion is in an ongoing fund. 2002 the “site designation” was approved in congress 61-39 in Senate and 306-117 in the House, it is now an accepted national designated site as a nuclear waste repository for America’s nuclear industry  – every day that Nevada acts to postpone and roadblock the Yucca MT construction is costing YOU more tax dollars.

l 53 is the average age of a General Electric nuclear engineer. 40% of GE’s engineers are within 5 years of retirement. There are 16,000 nuclear workers leaving US work force over the next 5 years. 28% of this workforce is leaving over next 5 years. 50% of the workforce is over 48 years old. 7% are under 33 years old and 3% under 28. It takes approximately 1 employee per megawatt needed for the generation of nuclear power. If you know anyone planning on college and seeking an engineering future, NUCLEAR is IT!

l Nevada purchases approximately 31,312 million kilowatt hours (3.2 GW) annually. Consumption nationally is divided as 36% residential, 35% commercial and 29% industrial.

l A serious commitment to Nuclear Energy development in Nevada would alter and significantly advance our technology business base and spur a major growth in science and engineering throughout the University of Nevada System. Our education system is an area that really needs assessment in the sciences, nuclear is a great way to spur it and fund it!

l Energy is the driver of all economies in any society worldwide, no one can change that. Economic issues directly related to energy are the key drivers of peace or conflicts in world societies. Energy offers the same economic advantages to our states nationwide as well.

l Nevada utilities purchase 55% (2005) of your electrical power out of state. We must “produce our own energy” in order to “control our own energy costs”.

l One of the largest and most critical factors for the advancement of any society is ENERGY. This is why every growing nation in the world is building nuclear power plants in order to develop their “energy edge” for their worldwide economic growth.

l For the past 20 years America has mothballed its nuclear energy industry. It is now critical that we turn this around as quickly as we can in order to advance the energy we need to compete throughout the world.

l France, Canada, England, So Korea, Japan, China and other major countries have been building new nuclear power plants for the past 20 years. Many of our American nuclear companies in the past 20 years have been installing plants and equipment in foreign countries!

l The likelihood of YOUR automobile fuel costs returning to $1.30 per gallon are not very likely in our lifetime! With America’s commitment to nuclear development, our need for fossil based energy will diminish significantly and with the REDUCED demand for it, its costs will fall!

 l What IF, our American petroleum companies partnered with the nuclear energy companies and worked on an aggressive advanced research mission, we could develop plants to develop hydrogen fuels with combinations of new fuel cell and battery technologies.

l If our citizens FULLY understand the importance of America completely resolving its energy future you will understand that it’s more important than ANY other single initiative that our United States should undertake. Energy affects every citizen, business, transportation, manufacturing entity in the entire American economy and our ability to stabilize it.

l Next generation reactors under design today will rely on the so-called passive or inherent safety features. These design safety features rely on laws of physics to ensure an accident-free performance. They do not require electricity and no operator action for several hours. Safe operation is achieved by gravity, thermal expansion, and inherent properties of the nuclear fuel that inhibit the fission reaction if the reactor temperature increases.

l One of the new reactor designs will use Helium as a coolant. Helium gas will be heated in the reactor core and be sent directly to the turbine without the need to produce steam. Because of this, such reactors could be built and operate in a desert climate.

l Increased efficiency in turbine designs and plant operational efficiency have increased nuclear plant production from 75 % in the 70s to about 90% today even without major modifications to the original early generation reactor designs.

l At current consumption levels . . . the worlds currently “known” oil supply will be exhausted within the next 40 years, our consumption level is exceeding our exploration / recovery level. Natural gas could be depleted in 63 years.

l In 1910 the US automobile penetration accelerated 10 fold in 10 years. “If” a similar growth occurs in China based on today’s automobile sales of 1 in 600 people, this will add 150 MILLION vehicles in China over the next decade. What will this deplete from petroleum products and contribute to the greenhouse gas syndrome?

l There are several nuclear reactor designs today which are totally APPROVED by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for construction and are able to be built as soon as SITES are approved by state and local governments. The goal of these streamlined regulations is to enable and construct plants in 4 years and the timelines have been reviewed by the scientific community.

l The proposed railroad that is being considered to get the spent fuel and high level waste to Yucca Mountain is being estimated to cost $2 billion and would create 4,000 jobs.

l Yucca Mountain offers a number of possibilities for expanding and developing new research and technology programs in Nevada UNLV, UNR, DRI, TMCC, Nevada State College . . . current and future Yucca Mountain program elements that represent opportunities now and after the repository is operational: -  Chemical and Mechanical Engineering . . .  -  Industrial Engineering  -  Mining Engineering -  Health Sciences -  Remote Monitoring -  Robotics -  Computer Processing - Technicians, etc.

l One uranium fuel pellet - the size of the tip of a little finger - produces the amount of electricity equivalent to 17,000 cubic feet of natural gas, 1,780 pounds of coal or 149 gallons of oil.

l Leading financial companies like Merrill Lynch, Prudential Equity Group and Moody's Investor Services have indicated that there will be a renaissance of nuclear power and point to it as an investment for the future.

l Environmental leaders, Greenpeace co-founder  Patrick Moore, Whole Earth Catalog founder Stewart Bran now support new nuclear technology . . . because the fossil fuels which contribute to global warming has put new emphasis on nuclear power since it does not produce greenhouse gases.

l Development of nuclear power in Nevada could offer massive ENERGY projects . . . piped in salt water could be desalinated for agriculture, mining and other water uses. A “nuclear city” at the Nevada Test Site with multiple nuclear power plants and advanced research facilities could support . . . a high speed train from the site to Las Vegas and then from Las Vegas to Los Angeles (what casinos have been dreaming for decades) would OPEN incredible technical business opportunity. Nevada could position itself as the nuclear power provider for the western United States.

l Some say that our mission is the responsibility of the nuclear industry itself, to bring America’s citizens to a knowledgeable understanding of nuclear energy. We have found that world politics and media misrepresentation about nuclear energy have been so extensive over the past 50 years that an outside entity such as ours is needed to champion this cause.

l US Nuclear Energy is disconnected from direct influence of the industry but focused to bring the science DIRECTLY to the public not filtered by the media and not slanted by political partisan politics.

l We feel that there is a major need for a great expansion of “scientific editors” throughout the entire world media to report on science, engineering and technology facts fostering the advances in the nuclear industry, not the misrepresentation of sensationalisms of the past.

l We would challenge the media to assess the entire worldwide loss of life caused by the nuclear energy industry against the entire coal mining industry loss of lives over the past 50 years, and then generate a “safest industry report” from those facts.

l There is a gap between the scientific, university communities and the public. The nuclear industry and university systems involved in nuclear engineering are not well equipped to populate their technology advances to the public platform this results in a lack of understanding of science and engineering by the public and one which needs to be filled.

l Our mission is to bridge this gap as we feel that “knowledgeable” citizens in respect to nuclear technology will help drive the “public position” on nuclear to the media and political environment.

l In respect to media and politics it is the right of citizens to demand the truth and facts when it comes to the scientific progress of nuclear technology in our world societies.

l Science must be shared, protected, secure and applied for the overall benefit of mankind . . . this is the only way we can begin to solve the environmental problems we face on a global basis.

l We champion the healing power of radiation treatments in our medical community . . . radiation saves thousands of lives every year. Yet, we have little understanding of high level nuclear waste or how to deal with it. It’s like saying drugs, alcohol, etc. are fine as long as I control them from becoming an addiction.

l We need to develop “Chapter Coordinators” nationally to champion this mission and promote our educational model about nuclear engineering to the public, the importance of nuclear development today!

l We need to develop college and student involvement . . . e.g. university “chapters” contact us.

l Help spread our mission and send our website address to your colleagues.

l Warren Buffett said that “Berkshire is looking at new-generation nuclear power plants with an ‘open mind’.” 06/23/05

l Clearly from our point of view Nuclear Energy is the most important directive for our future!

l YOU can help change America's energy future, not by being reactive in the past 20 years but Proactive in the next 20 years Think About It . . . Join us!

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A Sincere effort of Major importance to America-Nuclear Energy!
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