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All information and research on this website is gathered and used with written permission from the
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The single most destructive trend in modern humanity . . . is the absence of TRUTH & INTEGRITY

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“Our freedoms can only
be maintained by the advancement of technologies that serve mankind—
not advancing technology puts Freedom at Risk and
our freedom is
threatened because we
don't take the time to
participate in it” GJD

We have sent invitations to many candidates requesting their "position statements" on U. S. nuclear energy development and the Yucca Mountain Repository . . . issues which have a direct effect on our
national energy independence and security . . . educating our USNEF membership group.

If you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian, etc. we want to post your "position"

  We are not endorsing candidates, we are reporting on 
  their "position statements" on nuclear energy development 

  Our contact database is about 1,600 diversified throughout the nuclear industry and grassroots citizens. 
  The political process through regulation has always been a major integration of the nuclear industry. 
  It is important that our representatives "allow the advance of nuclear science" without the "unecessary" interference of politics. 

Former MA Governor Romney
CLC Conference 2007

In 2012 Governor Romney is advocating "all forms of energy development" including nuclear in his statements. We have joined the "all forms" message and are currently advocating consideration of nuclear as a RENEWABLE source. Today, uranium and future thorium reactors provide an unlimited source of fuel for our grandchildren's grandchildren. We must put America back on a proven power path! 

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney

 . . .  in a quote to us by former MA Governor Mitt Romney, "yes I support nuclear energy development.

Businessman Herman Cain / G Duarte
US Nuclear Energy Foundation 2011

Businessman Herman Cain

Mr. Cain has suspended his campaign but generally supports new nuclear development.

 Congressman Ron Paul / G Duarte
US Nuclear Energy Foundation 2011

Congressman Ron Paul

“Any source that truly is cheaper and cleaner, yet still reliable, will not need government help to develop or sell.”

Nuclear energy can also provide the American people with a reliable and environmentally sound alternative. Therefore, we should repeal federal regulations that hinder the development of nuclear energy. However, we should also repeal all federal subsidies and privileges granted the nuclear industry. Nuclear power should prove its worth in the free-market.

Clean, safe, and reliable energy is far too important to leave to the political whims of Washington bureaucrats.

Government regulations, taxes, and corporate subsidies have distorted the energy market, causing some prices to rise above what they would be in the free market, while artificially lowering other prices and discouraging conservation. The costs of energy subsidies are hidden in your tax bill so the government can silently withhold them from your wallet with each paycheck.

Governor Jon Huntsman / G Duarte
US Nuclear Energy Foundation 2011

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman

With our standard question about nuclear power, what is your position on nuclear energy development? Yes, I think we should develop more nuclear energy.

And Mr. Huntsman, what do you think about the Yucca Mountain Facility? We didn't want it in Utah, I think it should be left up to the state and the Governor.

Mr. Huntsman did compliment USNEF for advocating nuclear energy from the toughest state in the country with nuclear as the topic.


Don Gustavson

Don Gustavson Nevada Senator

I support Yucca Mountain as a scientific research and development reprocessing center site in view of unfolding scientific evidence confirming both its safeness as the best answer to our oils woes.  Further, we should add a recycling center/power plant to Yucca Mountain and create vast amounts of power and jobs for Nevada.  Recycling will deal with 95% of the waste and the rest can be stored.  The USA is being left in the dark ages by federal guidelines that prevent nuclear recycling while Canada, France, Britain and other nations recycle nuclear fuel providing an unlimited supply of clean energy for homes, businesses and manufactures and reducing or ending dependence on foreign energy.

I believe that we should build an advanced research and development (R&P) facility to apply and advance new energy technologies and promote economic compensation to Nevada rather than storing the waste at the current 75 reactor sites where it lies above ground within five miles of 160 million people.  At Yucca Mountain it would be 100 miles from any large population center and buried safely underground at a secure military site.

Also Hyperion Power Generation (HPG) is developing a hot tub sized nuclear battery capable of powering a town of 25,000 homes with 25 megawatts for five years.  HPG batteries can be buried in the earth for added safety and security.  The size makes them easy to install and later to remove and refuel.  This would be ideal for some of Nevada’s rural areas.

Senator Reid and other power hungry individuals including much of the media have failed to provide neutral analysis or information on critical developments in this field.  Nevada’s Agency for Nuclear Projects (NANP) has served no function other than leading the campaign to kill Yucca Mountain.

Here in Nevada, Gary Duarte of US Nuclear Energy Foundation has lead an educational movement to bring objectivity to this subject.  Many others have spoken such as Christine Todd Whitman, Chuck Devore of California, Tyrus W. Cobb of Reno, Nicholas Tsoulfanidis of Reno and Thomas Brady, MD of Reno.  This list could go on and on but the information and technology is out there.  All we need is to elect candidates of integrity who will go with the facts instead of politics as usual.

Scott Brown

Scott Brown U. S. Senate

Energy and Environment I support common-sense environment policy that will help to reduce pollution and preserve our precious open spaces. I realize that without action now, future generations will be left to clean up the mess we leave. In order to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, I support reasonable and appropriate development of alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, nuclear, geothermal and improved hydroelectric facilities. I oppose a national cap and trade program because of the higher costs that families and businesses would incur.

Barry Goldwater, Jr. and Gary Duarte, Director, USNEF

Barry Goldwater Jr.
U.S. House of Representatives 1969 - 1983

And yes, Mr. Goldwater supports nuclear energy development and the Yucca Mountain Repository.

Senator John McCain / G Duarte
US Nuclear Energy Foundation
Presidential bid 2007

Senator John McCain is Pro Nuclear Energy
and Pro Yucca Mountain Repository Development.

US Nuclear Energy Foundation has talked a couple times with Senator McCain he is quite pro nuclear energy development. With experience of having the Arizona Power Palo Verde nuclear plants in his home state . . . a good understanding of nuclear energy is a definite plus to our nuclear power interests. In our effort of “Bringing Science To Citizens” through our public outreach education it is helpful that you know there are some political leaders who understand the value of nuclear energy development and we need to encourage them throughout our industry. !

AZ Representative
John Shadegg, G. Duarte
CLC 2007

Arizona Representative John Shadegg

He is also one of the few representatives who supports both nuclear energy AND the Yucca Mountain nuclear repository in Nevada. The US has spent many man years and billions on the Yucca development. Politics has misrepresented the science and discouraged political commitment to support the Yucca Mountain Repository.

Congressman Duncan Hunter
CLC Conference 2007

California Congressman Duncan Hunter

Duncan Hunter, Congressman from California is on the record to support nuclear energy. We are finding that "conservative republicans" are weighing in on the positive side of nuclear energy development and the nations need for the Yucca Mountain Repository.

Hunter's seat was filled via election by his son, Duncan D. Hunter.

Duarte & CA Congressional candidate 2010 Dana Walsh & Ike Eichbaum

Dana Walsh California

Achieving energy independence is a critical component in winning the War on Terrorism and keeping our economy strong and growing. We need to accelerate the construction of new nuclear power plants and permit American firms to drill offshore and on Alaska’s North Slope.

L to R Duarte, Mrs. Walsh and USNEF Advisory Board member Barlane "Ike"Eichbaum. Irony as it is when Dana and Ike started talking we learned that Dana Walsh grew up in Reno and at one time her dad and Ike worked at the Bill Lear corporation in Stead, Nevada.

Duarte & CA Senate candidate 1010
Chuck DeVore

Chuck DeVore California

DeVore: Modern nuclear power Senator Barbara Boxer wants to impose a massive energy tax through her cap-and-trade scheme that will increase the cost of fuel and electricity, costing each American family from $1,700 to $2,000 more per year. This will result in more U.S. jobs being shipped to China.

Rather than put more Americans out of work in service of a global issue, we should seek to grow our economy AND reduce greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging the development of modern nuclear power. Nuclear power produces energy with total lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions equal to 20g of CO2 per kWh. This is less lifecycle emissions than solar or wind and 55 times less than coal, from which we get half of our electricity in America.

Greater energy generation from nuclear power will also allow us to economically and reliably electrify portions of our transportation sector as well as prevent the burning of additional natural gas to make electricity – with the extra benefit of reducing our reliance on imported foreign oil through more electric and natural gas-powered vehicles.

The choice is clear: increase nuclear power to reduce emissions and keep energy affordable; or regulate our economy to a standstill, throwing more Americans out of work while doing little to actually address global warming













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