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Possible Data Falsification
By the U.S. Geologic Survey on
The Yucca Mountain Project

In 2005 Nevada created another “event” concerning the science of the Yucca Mountain Project. It is very important to understand the reply from the US Geologic Survey below:


The nuclear energy industry agrees with and supports the Department of Energy (DOE) in its conducting a comprehensive investigation and resolving as expeditiously as possible the possible falsification of some U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) documents concerning the nuclear fuel repository planned for Yucca Mountain, NV

It is important to note that DOE disclosed this issue itself as part of reviewing documents for the Yucca Mountain license applications and is taking action on it.


We also must note that nothing has been demonstrated so far separate and apart from the USGS portion of the studies to disprove the abundant scientific evidence gathered over two decades that confirms Yucca Mountain’s suitability for a state-of-the-art repository for used nuclear fuel.


The USGS data in question is one of thousands of individual analyses, along with work from studies conducted at five national laboratories, including the Idaho National Labs and Sandia National Laboratories, from Yucca Mountain project scientists in Nevada and by other USGS scientists. It is this combined study that offers a complete picture of the expected performance of Yucca Mountain.


Based on this comprehensive scientific research, the nuclear energy industry is confident that Yucca Mountain is the optimum site for the safe disposal of used nuclear fuel.

Safety is the overriding goal of this program for all parties involved (including DOE, the industry and the state of Nevada) and we are confident that DOE will assess any impacts to the scientific work that went into the site recommendation and license application the agency is preparing for the facility and will make any necessary corrections based on the results of this assessment.

A Sincere effort of Major importance to America-Nuclear Energy!
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