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not advancing technology puts Freedom at Risk and
our freedom is
threatened because we
don't take the time to
participate in it” GJD

NEI SmartBriefs Headline Links
These are excellent targeted links to current articles that are focused on the
nuclear industry, new reactor designs, small reactor designs, public relations,
reprocessing technology and deep geologic storage

Mini reactors are a growing focus of the nuclear industry

Illinois may lift ban on new nuclear plants to vie for federal funds

N.Y. congressional hopeful supports nuclear energy projects Obama is criticized for position on Yucca Mountain project

U.S. is urged to build centralized used fuel storage facility

GE unit moves forward with design of enrichment facility

UNLV Researchers seek improvements in used-fuel recycling

Hyperion is working on refrigerator-sized nuclear reactors

Vermont should include nuclear in energy mix, candidate says

Yucca license-bid withdrawal is a policy decision, lawyer says

McCain: Abandoning Yucca Mountain project is "ridiculous"

Wash. attorney general maintains pro-Yucca Mountain stance:

S.C. gubernatorial candidates support nuclear power

Yucca Mountain; Politics, not science, is behind policy delays

U.S. should stick to Yucca project until other options are found

Yucca ruling earns support of Idaho lawmakers

DoE told to finish the job at Yucca Mountain

The Future of Nuclear Research in Eastern Idaho

Apostolakis disqualifies himself from Yucca vote

Yucca project gains support from 2 more Wash. state senators

Decision to close Yucca Mountain is politically motivated

Committee tours shuttered nuclear plant in Maine

Two NRC members decline recusal from Yucca proceedings

S.C. AG looks at the price of fighting Yucca shutdown

NEI is working to overcome regulatory hurdles for small reactors

Opinion: Nuclear power can reduce energy costs

Opinion: Public relations is a key to promoting nuclear energy

Congressman wants NRC decision on Yucca Mountain

Analysis: Yucca project affects political races beyond Nevada

Opinion: 20-year safety record at N.H. plant

Yucca license application passes initial NRC review

Opinion: Wind power is not enough to reduce CO2 emissions

NRC sides with judge reviewing Mass. plant's license renewal

GE Hitachi can safely reprocess nuclear waste, chairman says

Loan guarantees are key to nuclear reprocessing, exec says

Opinion: Public needs assurance that new nuclear plants are safe

Chu: Nuclear power is key to limiting greenhouse-gas emissions

Opinion: Smaller reactors offer more flexibility
Gov. Rell: NRC should rule first on Yucca Mountain

Official: U.S. needs to accelerate plans for nuclear waste

Experts dispel unfounded fears about nuclear energy

Industry could benefit from new plant designs, nuclear group says

NEI Clean-energy loan-guarantees sees only limited progress

Areva lab focuses on extending nuclear plants' operations

Entergy is working toward license extension of Vermont Yankee

Idaho enrichment project passes NRC's safety assessment

Nuclear is vital to cleaner power generation

Ariz. GOP regulator candidates back construction of nuclear plant

Vermont Yankee's relicensing should be given a chance, candidate

Opinion: Nuclear revival could rekindle U.S. manufacturing

GOP victories in Congress may not benefit nuclear industry

India, Areva sign 2 deals for reactor development in Maharashtra

Saudi Arabia plans to generate nuclear energy by 2020, official says

Chu: Clean-energy standard should include nuclear

EnergySolutions seeks extension for nuclear-waste report

Science should prevail over politics on Yucca Mountain project

Nuclear-waste repository goes online in South Korea

Don't let politics drive a nuclear-waste decision
Idaho officials remain hopeful for nuclear power

Renewed interest in nuclear could spark demand for trained workers

Alexander, Lieberman could be major energy players in 2011

NRC proposes to extend on-site storage of high-level waste, used fuel

Blue-ribbon panel is urged to reconsider Yucca as disposal site

Savannah River Site's reprocessing center can help curb nuclear waste

Nuclear energy is just as clean as renewable energy

GE Hitachi plans to work with U.S. component suppliers

Investing in China will benefit U.S. nuclear industry, executives say

Pickens: U.S. needs nuclear, natural gas to reduce oil imports

Missouri nuclear project will create many jobs, Gov. Nixon says

North Dakota should consider nuclear energy

NASA scientist: Obama must lead push for new U.S. nuclear technology

CEC backs legislation for new reactor in Missouri

Former activist now touts economic benefits of nuclear energy

Utah governor considers nuclear in energy plan

Rep. Simpson backs nuclear-shipment deal in Idaho

Vermont Yankee shutdown could increase energy prices for businesses

Minn. Senate committee approves amended nuclear bill

Nuclear operators seek suspension of waste-storage fees

Small-reactor development to be included in Obama budget plan

NRC is urged to release safety report on Yucca Mountain project

NRC defends release of redacted draft reports for Yucca Mountain

House spending bill allows continued pursuit of Nev. nuclear project

Nuclear plant is key component of Colo. energy-park proposal

Rep. Gibson: U.S. needs more nuclear energy

Missouri lawmakers prepare to tackle nuclear legislation

Colo. county approves zoning plan for potential nuclear project

NRC panel rules against shelving Yucca Mountain licensing case

Rep. Nunes to introduce bill for 200 reactors built by 2030

Nuclear bills are advancing in Missouri Senate

NRC rejects waste-confidence petition


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