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November 12, 2008
US Nuclear Energy addresses the
Sparks Republican Women Club

Special Guest, Dan R. Keuter,
Vice President Planning & Innovation, Entergy Nuclear Inc.

A couple months ago through the distribution of our print materials we were contacted by the Sparks Republican Women, asking if we would be interested in talking with them about nuclear energy and the Yucca Mountain Repository. Our schedule was open and they picked November 12. Coincidently falling in the week the American Nuclear Society was in town. We met Dan Keuter from Entergy in 2006 at the ANS Annual meeting. From that time we talked with Dan several times and he sent us about 20 of his slides over viewing his PowerPoint slide-show, which we secured his permission to use.

It's too late to make a long story short but we bumped into Dan a couple times at the ANS Winter Expo joking with him about coming with us for our presentation of HIS slides . . . well he decided to come and it isn't very often that a nuclear company executive partakes in true grassroots advocacy. We had a great time and the group was quite receptive to our presentation.

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Dan Keuter, Entergy Nuclear Inc.

About 40 members attended this dinner meeting.


Spouses are allowed as
non-voting associate members.

Especially in Nevada, much of the media coverage
of the Yucca Mountain safety, cask transportation, etc.
do not reflect the facts of the studies,
engineering and construction.

We got a pretty good record of the presentation
on video. When we get it converted to an AVI
file we will post it to the VIDEOS page on our website.

Overall the group seemed quite
interested in the our subject matter.


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