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Joe's SURNEC Project

This is a PDF of 9 slides over viewing Joe's concept for

Secure Underground Regional Nuclear Energy Centers

A Future Energy Solution
Secure Underground Regional Nuclear Energy Centers (SURNEC)
By Joseph R. Wetch *

The survival and advancement of humanity through the 21st century, as population swells to 9 billion by 2050 to possibly 12 billion by 2100, depends upon the availability of a 4 to 8 fold increase of clean, sustainable, reliable and affordable world energy generation.

This paper defines a path to providing civilization base load electrical energy while satisfying concurrent needs for: Security, Multi-Millennia Sustainability, Environmental and Ecological Protection, Prevention of Weapons Proliferation, overcoming public misconceptions and NIMBY concerns, and facilitating Global Economic and Technological Dependency and cooperation for sustained peaceful coexistence of growing new urban centers.

The path includes current state of art “Clean” nuclear power, as well as, currently touted “Renewable” Energy sources, but the dominant all weather 24 hour Base Load will ultimately be borne by “Renewable” Nuclear Power”  supplemented with “Clean” fossil fueled power with sequestered effluent CO2.

This paper will describe an approach to Renewable Nuclear Power that is totally sequestered with an environmental foot print that is orders of magnitude smaller than competitive renewable energy sources.   The concept provides security and safety; in operation, transportation, decommissioned spent reactor internment and from the possibility of long lived radioactivity leakage.

 SURNEC provides North America sustained domestic economic energy security and employment and security from hostile attack upon its nuclear infrastructure.  SURNEC provides for sustained human existence and protection of global ecologies

 In North America, we would develop 10 to 20 sites that fully contain up to  10-20 reactors per site.  Each site will contain its fuel reprocessing and remote fuel re-fabrication and short lived fission product immobilization, encapsulation and sequestration.  Initial tenants should be the currently planned Gen III thermal reactors followed with-in a decade with a mix of 1st generation Fast Breeder Reactors. FBR initial cores could be fueled with the World’s de-commissioned Nuclear Weapon’s U235 and Pu239 inventories combined with actinides and long lived fission products from previous reprocessing cycles and with sufficient 30 year half life gamma fission products to prevent theft or potential proliferation.  Actinides will eventually be fissioned and very long lived low energy “Beta” emitters will be encapsulated for injection into off shore subduction zones for return to the Earth’s molten mantle.

*Retired from 55 years of study, invention, development and engineering management of Advanced Nuclear Reactor Systems and High Level Waste Sequestration Management.

@ GE, NAA/Rockwell/AI, a founder CEO of SPI/ISP & USA/RUSSIAN JV “INERTEK”




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