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All information and research on this website is gathered and used with written permission from the
participating authors, contributors & advisors concerning nuclear science, energy and waste repository data!
US Nuclear Energy Foundation is an independent foundation and not supported exclusively by any industry or
nuclear association but by individual and/or business support in order to retain our independence of educational materials.

Our mission is to influence change in public opinion towards
knowledgeable citizens about nuclear energy and waste repository issues.


“Our freedoms can only
be maintained by the advancement of technologies that serve mankind—
not advancing technology puts Freedom at Risk and
our freedom is
threatened because we
don't take the time to
participate in it” GJD

Nuclear Advocacy for the Industry

Dukovany Power Station, Czech Republic

Helping our citizens to understand Nuclear Energy

We have to work together to achieve an equal balance and fair share
of the energy market for new nuclear development.

It is “time” for us to promote nuclear as a “national initiative”


Our Services:


Evangelizing Nuclear

 Revitalizing Nuclear Advocacy:  After decades of negative publicity, the nuclear industry is learning that it needs to revive acceptance of the new nuclear renaissance and USNEF has been specializing in this niche for several years.  As a neutral partner, USNEF has an acceptance by the public that the industry sometimes cannot overcome; our independence as a grassroots non-profit is not intimidating to the audience as it might be with major corporations, the Department of Energy, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, etc.  We utilize a public based message that is factual, to the point and acceptable to average community groups and to the general public.

This is USNEF’s mission: development, public policy, public relations, promotion, and delivery.  This is simply stated and the importance of the execution of these tasks requires a team with the expertise to network and focus resources and organization of facts into a favorable public, political and environmental position.  By developing a rapport with the public, USNEF has to be strong, firm, and concise in presenting your message.  This message will be a boon to all of the nuclear industry.

Bridging the Gap:  Our specialty is to bridge the gap between nuclear science, engineering, and our need for clean nuclear energy, and the public.  Through the years USNEF has established excellent contacts throughout the industry, and although this is very important we have learned that at the grassroots level, the public responds to logic but not to intimidation.  This provides a valuable asset in our ability to assemble a focused dialogue on many nuclear topics which builds this bridge between the community and the nuclear industry.

Consultation:  If you want to design a presentation from the ground up, call us USNEF can outline a custom program to fit your criteria for the message you want to market to the public.  Addressing the public is one thing; engaging the public is the most important item.

Trade Shows, public presentations, civic clubs:  These are all familiar activities with which we have a considerable amount of experience.  We can deliver your public policy message with our proactive advocacy voice to associations, service clubs, community meetings, etc.  Nuclear advocacy can be delivered by our group anywhere and everywhere while you remain in your office resolving “your” priorities.

Our People

 Gary Duarte
Captain John Weiss
Dr. Dennis Moltz

Gary Duarte: Gary has no claim to fame, short of being a “true” entrepreneur. In the 70s he established the first computerized book typesetting company in the State of Maine in the basement of his home with 8 employees. Later developed the first interface between a Macintosh computer and Linotronic Imagesetting machine and taught five years as an industry specialist at a community college. His current obsession is general overall nuclear power advocacy, evangelizing, (the grassroots preacher of nuclear power), to the world.

Gary and other USNEF people have the ability to assimilate basic product knowledge via overviewing technical documentation, display booth promotions, literature assessments, etc. We can man presentation booths for your public events, corporate events, trade shows, etc. We are experienced in audio video setups, can handle trade show booth assemblies, convention collaterals, etc. On larger projects, Gary, Dennis and John have the flexibility to team up to man a large trade show and add ancillary people as necessary. The makeup of our USNEF people are personalities interested and motivated in entrepreneurial endeavors more so than the corporate world, again, by building yet another bridge.

Captain John W. Weiss:  Bachelor of Science, Nautical Science – California State University      California Maritime Academy.  He served as National Alumni President of the CSU California Maritime Academy, and Chairman of the CSU California Maritime Academy Foundation. Having “gone to sea” for twelve years, he served as Captain on numerous oil tankers, and he retired after twenty eight years as a maritime pilot with the San Francisco Bar Pilots.  He was a Captain in the U.S. Navy.  He is a Master Neuro Linguistic Programmer and a Clinical Hypnotherapist. John is a Chapter Coordinator for the Northern Nevada Chapter of the US Nuclear Energy Foundation.



Dennis Moltz, PhD: Dennis is Co-Coordinator for our USNEF Northern Nevada Chapter. His background is a B. S. Chemistry, B. S. Mathematics, Texas A&M University Ph.D., Nuclear Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley Dennis owns, High Desert Nuclear Technologies LLC, Carson City, NV Dennis does contract work for Radiation Detector (all energies of photons and particles), Ion source technologies, isotope separations, chemistry of radioisotopes, Nuclear Waste Issues, Low Level Background Counting, Fabrication for Any Nuclear Experiment, Special Nuclear Electronics Designs. Dennis has experience with most accelerators in North America.



There are a couple ways that our services can be arranged:

1) As a standard invoice for the actual expenses and consulting fee based on the days / hours spent on developing or managing a project.

2)  We can suggest a “voluntary” donation amount that we estimate would cover our consulting service time.


Non-Profit Corporations, Services

A Nonprofit corporation can charge fees for its consulting services. Many nonprofits count on fees from services they offer to clients for part of their annual funding. There are several methods by which these are acceptable. 1) The activity generating the fee must be associated with the non-profit organization’s mission statement. If it is not the nonprofit may be subject to the Unrelated Business Income Tax or UBIT. 2) The fee must be less than for a for-profit business would charge for the same or a similar service. 3) Rather than charge an invoiced fee, some nonprofits suggest “voluntary” donations. This is when you suggest that a user or client can help you provide services to be rendered by giving a donation, and donations are tax deductable by the contributing company or organization.

The next step is action. What can USNEF do to advance any public policy tasks that may be ahead of your company? We can establish an easy sub-contract that takes the worry and concern from your staff and puts it on ours to solve resolve and implement your message. We are task driven “outline developers”. We will give you a full overview of “what” will be done. We just need the who, what, where, when, and why and we will provide the “how” to get your project done.


A Sincere effort of Major importance to America-Nuclear Energy!
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