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yUCCA MOUNTAIN repository

The US Nuclear Energy Foundation non-profit 501 (c)(3) is posting our overview proposal for a conceptual mechanism on how to advance the completion of Yucca Mountain Repository in a manner that demonstrates major benefits to the citizens of Nevada.

US Nuclear Energy Foundation is a
Non-Profit (501)(c)(3) Nevada Corporation

The following is a concept proposal to offer the establishment of the US Nuclear Energy Foundation
as a Public-Private entity to Operate and Manage the Yucca Mountain Repository via contract with the worlds leading companies at nuclear storage and reprocessing in conjunction with the U. S.
Department of Energy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Our Long Term Mission is to contract the Yucca operations to worldwide companies with proven records in high level nuclear storage and nuclear reprocessing technology. Such a plant design would improve the quality of life with a national commitment to nuclear energy cost efficiencies for all American Citizens and rebuilding our nation’s heavy industrial business community. We need “low cost” national energy production to compete with worldwide industrial manufacturing companies and governments.

GENERAL OVERVIEW: the federal government after many years of scientific study passed into law that the Yucca Mountain Repository be licensed and constructed as the initial primary U.S. spent nuclear fuel repository. The state of Nevada has fought against this decision for many years. In respect to this USNEF believes that the facility would best be served by establishing a public/private business entity to operate and manage the Yucca Mountain Project as a commercial facility to store spent nuclear fuels and develop commercial reprocessing facilities. We believe that the State of Nevada does not have, nor should it attempt to have the technical capacity to manage or oversee such an advanced technology program. The primary objective for the funds derived from the public/private entity would be to support two major factions 1) nuclear technology commerce development and 2) Science & engineering university programs to provide scholarships for academically sustainable nuclear science and engineering students whom for these scholarships would accept 5 years of service to our National Laboratories, the Nevada University System of Higher Education or a nuclear technology company.

We are not advocating a free “Ticket to Ride” in respect to the Yucca Mountain economics but rather a “public-private” mechanism to develop and foster small business and nuclear technology based companies in the Western U. S. High technology companies not only need the graduates of educational systems but also “drive” those same institutions both academically and economically to advance their science and engineering graduate programs. Technology manufacturing business is the entity needed to advance Nevada’s educational and commerce diversification systems who contribute to the government tax base.

The advance planning and documenting of such a predisposed public/private arrangement would be an incentive for those nuclear companies who are major players in storage and reprocessing industry. The DOE/NRC can evaluate proposals by major private companies to operate and manage the facility to be overseen by a board of directors specific to the Yucca Mountain Project operations and drawn from the finest nuclear technology companies and university systems in the country. The primary initiative of this public/private facility would be to assist in providing economic resources and support to U. S. states in need of nuclear energy commerce diversification.

For more information contact:

Gary J. Duarte, Director

US Nuclear Energy Foundation



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