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sampleWe are launching our ongoing discussions about SMRs

From our startup in 2006 our mission has been to advocate nuclear energy technology. As we all know much of our work has been sidetracked on supporting the Yucca Mountain "issue" and we will continue this battle. At the same time, we will be opening new discussions. SMRs are Small Modular Reactors, so we have begun our dialogue under the PEA Group tab, SMRs.

PEA Group-SMRs

The best way to understand the importance and value of electrical power is to ponder its loss during a power outage. Think about this, when the power is off, you relegate yourself to burning wood as our caveman ancestors did thousands of years ago for basic heat. You may have natural gas, but it does not circulate without an electric motor. You will have water for some time but it will stop when the filtration plant shuts down without its electric driven pumping equipment.

Without electrical power, all of our information age, instant distance communication, etc. falls to a standstill and leaves us asking, how soon will it come back on? We are almost never prepared for a blackout and according to many predictions many more will be occurring over the next years until we update our transmission infrastructure or populate many more regional and remote energy generation technology. Just maybe America needs to join together to turn this page?

Visit this great 18 page slide presentation

Reprocessing Used Nuclear Fuel

A technological overview & proposal for Yucca Mountain
Augustus Merwin PhD. Candidate Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, UNR

What? You expect to lower energy costs? Yes, we have to by being pro-active at developing proven technologies that we know are cost effective. Sustainability MUST be in the equation.

Nuclear Power is a Renewable Energy Resource!

Arizona Senator Steve Smith, told a committee that by not recycling nuclear fuel rods like some European countries do, Arizona (America) is missing out on a lot of potential energy. "Basically we just want to burn that energy twice, "he said, and should Arizona (America) decide to incorporate that technology in the future, his bill, SB 1134, would allow us to count that as a renewable energy source.

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The breakout sessions run successively, 15 minute changeover between sessions, each will have 15 minutes of Q&A with audience participation microphones.



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YES Program Sessions:

DVD-0 Interviews, four separate clips with two each of the program participants 60:13 Min
  1-Duarte Cong. Shimkus, 2-Spencer & Schinhofen, 3-Krasner & Edmonds, 4-Tabor & Marlow  
DVD-1 Opening session with NV Congressmen Mark Amodei & IL Congressman John Shimkus 42:32 Min
DVD-2 Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982 & 2008 update, video greeting Jim DeMint, President of the Heritage Foundation  
  Presentation by Jack Spencer, President of the Roe Institute at the Heritage Foundation 44:32 Min
DVD-3 Economics of the Yucca Mountain Repository, Robert Edmonds, AREVA   58:18 Min
DVD-4 Nuclear energy safety, storage and transportation, panel discussion, L to R,  
  Dan Schinhofen, Dennis Moltz, Cash Jaszczak, Gary Hollis 50:13 Min
DVD-5 Afternoon Full Panel Discussion Q&A     40:35 Min
  Total, roughly 7 Hrs.

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