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The Yucca Mountain Application Review Process Survey
Messaging the grassroots constituents!

Rubio: I support opening Yucca Mountain

Rubio: "Yeah . . . we've already invested money into that facility . . . there has to be such a facility in the United States. That's the one that was chosen long ago, and money was invested. If someone has a better idea...then we'd be open to that. We should follow the science on that. But the bottom line is we, today, including here in South Carolina, are holding onto nuclear material in areas that were supposed to be temporary areas, that have become permanent holding areas for used, radioactive material, and long-term, that is not a safe way to store these things. So you do need a permanent, central depository for it. Yucca Mountain is the place that's gotten the money, and it was chosen years ago. So unless someone can identify a better project, that's the one we should move forward on."

The truth about Yucca Mountain
Help us provide the science and engineering about the YUCCA MOUNTAIN Application Review Process to the grassroots public!

An open invitation to all stakeholders, candidates & elected officials

"Although I am uncommitted on Yucca Mountain as a nuclear storage facility,
I believe that the Department of Energy & NRC

Yucca Mountain Application Review Process should be completed".


Dr. Carson, "it's time to at least have a discussion" . . . if the science is correct

USNEF is in the process of requesting Senator Cruz's position

USNEF is in the process of requesting Governor Walker's position

The Yucca Mountain Study is one of the most critical ISSUES in America to our electrical power supply. Roughly 20% of our power comes from nuclear generation which has operated SAFER than any other volume energy source. Our mission for 10 + years has been to enlighten the grassroots public a basic educational understanding of nuclear, the NATIONS need for the Yucca storage repository AND provide an insight to nuclear waste REPROCESSING technology.

Nuclear power is basically a 97% carbon free energy source.
It should be classified as a green renewable as suggested by Arizona Senator Steve Smith (link below).

Nuclear technology (science) has continued to make major progress that our government and industry are failing to educate our grassroots public.


Our message to the grassroots:
some statistical FACTS about the "Application Review Process"


These are the facts, the grassroots public should know about Yucca Mountain: It is a thirty + year study by 8 of Americas national laboratories, input and review recommendations from more than 100 US colleges and universities with a taxpayer investment into the study of more than $10 Billion. The license application study was reviewed by more than 200 scientists and engineers at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission with no disqualifying elements found. To put it bluntly, political opposition to such an encompassing study carries little merit. Nearly every stakeholder in the world managing nuclear waste observed the Yucca Mountain study application process. The degree and FACTS of this study are overwhelming.

Visit this great 18 page slide presentation

Reprocessing Used Nuclear Fuel

A technological overview & proposal for Yucca Mountain, Augustus Merwin PhD. Candidate
Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, UNR

Nuclear Power is a Renewable Energy Resource!

Arizona Senator Steve Smith, told a committee that by not recycling nuclear fuel rods like some European countries do, Arizona (America) is missing out on a lot of potential energy. "Basically we just want to burn that energy twice, "he said, and should Arizona (America) decide to incorporate that technology in the future, his bill, SB 1134, would allow us to count that as a renewable energy source.

Link to this story here

sampleWe are launching our ongoing discussions about SMRs

The link below provides a quick overview of, what are Small Modular Reactors?

PEA Group-(SMRs) Small Modular Reactors

The (WIN) Program Western Initiative for Nuclear

This is a very important page as Nevada's were overlooked by the Sandoval administration when the opportunity arose inviting Nevada to JOIN the (WIN) program. State management seems confused between development of cost effective carbon free nuclear energy and its opposition to the Yucca Mountain repository, another "issue" overlooking the benefit of Nevada citizens.

Goto Yucca Educational Symposiums link below
for ongoing details of YES programs

Yucca YES Symposium Website

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