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LINK: Nuclear Africa 2016 Summary
Llewellen King on ARTs III


Press Release Nevada GOP talks
nuclear technology



Advanced Reactors Technical Summit III, FEB 11-12, 2016

Oakridge National Laboratory, Tennessee

A PowerPoint presentation entitled:

"Creating a Sustainable Grassroots Educational Program on Nuclear Technology"


Rebrand, redirect, renew;

Our USNEF presentation to the Advanced Reactor Technical Summit III has helped us focus more on the detail and programs we can produce for nuclear technology worldwide. The current discussion is indicative that public grassroots outreach is of growing importance to public awareness. In order to advance this messaging, we hope to rebrand nuclear power by developing cooperative programs with the industry.

Why is engaging the public important? Congress and senate are educated by industry lobbyists, advisors, etc. What the industry and stakeholders should consider is, when Senators and Congressman return home for Constituent visits, an educated public on nuclear technology and many ISSUES may be just as important as the beltway influence of lobbyists and advisors. This way, our representatives get an opinion from the business community in D.C. and their constituent community at home. It is increasingly important that constituents engage our representatives. Community friendly is, "a place where people balance truth".

The world discussion of climate change, from all causes, must include nuclear power. Sixteen states continue to have restrictions against the construction of new nuclear plants. This arithmetic is not political, it is fact. We must realize that goals for clean air and clean rivers from pollution caused by coal fired plants CANNOT be met without developing new nuclear power. Our mission has to rebrand nuclear outreach advocacy.

It is very important to accept the nation's need for a national nuclear repository. We are spending the rest of this year pitching the NEED for grassroots education about nuclear technology. There is NO best place on earth for a repository, there has to be a reasonable place and this requires an educational outreach to the grassroots public.

Kindly consider joining our mission of public policy education. Join-mail-list.htm

USNEF has hand delivered educational information on the

Yucca Mountain Nuclear Repository to many of the Presidential Candidates


2016 is bringing USNEF to a new direction, rebrand, redirect, renew. This year our mission is to

enlighten our grassroots public about next generation nuclear technology.

The world discussion of a low carbon energy portfolio must include nuclear power. Nuclear energy is the largest contributor of America’s low-carbon energy footprint. Nuclear plants provide 63% of the zero-carbon electricity generation. Sixteen states continue to have restrictions against the construction of new nuclear plants. This arithmetic is not political, it is fact. We must realize that carbon emission reduction goals CANNOT be met without developing new nuclear power. Our mission has to rebrand nuclear outreach advocacy.



Aside from our nations need for a national repository, our presentation at Oak Ridge identified a growing need for the industry to recognize and address a new need for grassroots public policy.

For a decade the US Nuclear Energy Foundation has been an advocate of nuclear energy technology and completion of the Yucca Mountain study for America’s nuclear waste. Our mission has been three-fold: 1) Inform Nevada political and national stakeholders that our foundation supports completion of the Yucca Application Review Process. 2) Inform the nuclear industry, associations and business stakeholders that a community friendly process will come through grassroots education. 3) Inform our citizens on the facts of the Yucca science & engineering research. See our list below, A Decade of Outreach on nuclear energy advocacy.

Our mission is to establish truth, character and integrity in the materials we produce. Character and integrity must be at the forefront of every facet of government, agencies and business.



There is no best place on earth to store nuclear waste. So, a resolution has to be accepted for 2nd, 3rd, or 4th best place and we need to move onward. A reassessment of what we have and a public educational program that will engage the public.

There is significant theoretical science which indicates that within 30 years 4th generation molten salt reactors will be capable of converting-burning all of our nuclear waste into safe carbon free power.  The objection, that nuclear waste needs safe storage for thousands of years is soon to be eliminated. Regardless of this, the need for a repository continues to exist for a 6% remaining of burnt or reprocessed waste.

Our governmental agencies and National Laboratories are established and designed to serve America’s public. Political representatives are for the oversight of “our agencies” NOT micro-management of them. We have to rebrand our grassroots communications from partisan politics to “issues education” and separate science & engineering from bureaucratic micro management.

Here are some candidates willing to dialogue about the value of grassroots education.

We are simply bringing our message about the need for a new public policy on nuclear technology.

Rubio: I support opening Yucca Mountain, the only candidate having made this published statement, including being a resident of Las Vegas for several years.

Ms. Fiorina is one of the brightest light bulbs onstage. She supports a true "all of the above energy initiatives" INCLUDING nuclear and Ms. Fiorina has indicated support for the Yucca Mountain Application Process.

TRUMP has received our Yucca Mountain material
he supports nuclear energy.

Yucca Mountain, Mr. Huckabee's 01-10-16 statement: "America will transform the world economy with energy independence and I support an all oftheabove energy strategy to get there," GOP presidential candidate and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee told the Washington Examiner.

Rand-PaulYucca Mountain land should go to State to decide, see media statement below, inquiry made, to date no reply.

Dr. Carson, "it's time to at least have a discussion"
. . . if the science is correct.

Yucca Mountain inquiry made, to date no reply.

Yucca Mountain, we sent Governor Walker DVDs of our 2013 Yucca Educational Symposium, he returned a latter of appreciation for the information.

Supports Yucca, lives aprox 8 mi. from a nuclear plant




● Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
● Warren Buffett Foundation
● Sheldon Adelson, Casinos
● Steve Winn, Casinos
● Rob Roy, Switch Inc., Las Vegas
● American Nuclear Society
● Nuclear Energy Institute
● Institute for 21st Century Energy US Chamber-Commerce
● Idaho National Laboratory
● Battelle, Ron Townsend, VP Global Laboratory Operations
● Heritage foundation,  
● All Nevada legislators
● All Nevada County Commissioners
● DOE Secretary Dr. Steven Chu
● DOE Secretary Dr. Ernest Moniz
● Steve Forbes, publisher
● John Huntsman, Huntsman Cancer Institute
● John Kotek, deputy DOE Office of Nuclear Energy
● Maine Governor Paul LePage  
● Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval
● Governor Sara Palin
● Governor Mitt Romney
● Senator Mitch McConnell
● Senator Jim Risch, Idaho

● Dr. Bernard L. Cohen, U. Pittsburgh, Nuclear Energy Option
● Senator Ron Paul
● Entergy Corp.
● GE Nuclear
● NuScale Power
● UniStar Nuclear
● Governor Scott Walker
● Congressman Mark Amodei
● Congressman Cresent Hardy
● Congressman John Shimkus
● Senator Dean Heller
● Andy Zach Staff Assistant, U.S. Senate
● Dr. Patrick Moore, Co-Founder Greenpeace
● Governor Christine Todd Whitman
● Paul G. Allen Foundation, former Microsoft
● John Ritch, World Nuclear Association
● Steve Kidd, World Nuclear Association
● Senator Lemar Alexander
● Keystone Foundation, Las Vegas, Nevada
● Governor Bob List, Nevada
● Governor Jim Gibbons, Nevada
● Senator Lisa Murkowski, Cmte. Energy & Natural Resources
● Senator Maria Cantwell, Cmte. Energy & Natural Resources
● Congressman Fred Upton, House Cmte. on Energy & Commerce
● Former NRC Chairman, Gregory Jaczko

There is no longer any question that USNEF has demonstrated that there are significant numbers of Nevada public of all political parties who support completion of the Yucca Mountain Application Review Process in opposition to the state’s and Senator Harry Reid's unfounded bureaucratic opposition.

Our outreach includes email contacts of nearly 1,000 stakeholders worldwide. We have 250 nuclear industry specific LinkedIN contacts important for our messaging to the pulse of nuclear technology.


The Yucca Mountain Application Review Process Survey
Messaging the grassroots constituents!

The truth about Yucca Mountain Help us provide the science and engineering about the

YUCCA MOUNTAIN Application Review Process to the grassroots public!

An open invitation to all stakeholders, candidates & elected officials

Although I am uncommitted on Yucca Mountain as a nuclear storage facility, I believe that the Yucca Mountain Application Review Process should be completed.

Nuclear technology (science) has The Yucca Mountain Study is one of the most critical ISSUES in America to our electrical power supply. Roughly 20% of our power comes from nuclear generation which has operated SAFER than any other volume energy source. Our mission for 10 + years has been to enlighten the grassroots public with a basic educational understanding of nuclear. The NATIONS need for the Yucca storage repository can provide an insight to nuclear waste REPROCESSING technology. Nuclear power is basically a 97% carbon free energy source. It should be classified as a green renewable as suggested by Arizona Senator Steve Smith.

We continued to make major progress but our government and industry are failing to educate our grassroots public.

Our message to the grassroots:
some statistical FACTS about the "Application Review Process"


These are the facts, the grassroots public should know about Yucca Mountain: It is a thirty + year study by 8 of Americas national laboratories, input and review recommendations from more than 100 US colleges and universities with a taxpayer investment into the study of more than $10 Billion. The license application study was reviewed by more than 200 scientists and engineers at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission with no disqualifying elements found. To put it bluntly, political opposition to such an encompassing study carries little merit. Nearly every stakeholder in the world managing nuclear waste observed the Yucca Mountain study application process. The degree and FACTS of this study are overwhelming.

Visit this great 18 page slide presentation

Reprocessing Used Nuclear Fuel PowerPoint, Augustus Merwin, PhD. Candidate

A technological overview & proposal for Yucca Mountain, Augustus Merwin PhD. Candidate Departement of Chemical and Materials Engineering, UNR

Nuclear Power is a Renewable Energy Resource!

Arizona Senator Steve Smith

Link to this story here

sampleWe are launching our ongoing discussions about SMRs

The link below provides a quick overview of, what are Small Modular Reactors?

PEA Group-(SMRs) Small Modular Reactors

The (WIN) Program Western Initiative for Nuclear

This is a very important page as Nevada's were overlooked by the Sandoval administration when the opportunity arose inviting Nevada to JOIN the WIN Program State management seems confused between development of cost effective carbon free nuclear energy and its opposition to the Yucca Mountain repository, another "issue" overlooking the benefit of Nevada citizens.

Goto Yucca Educational Symposiums link below
for ongoing details of YES programs

Yucca YES Symposium Website

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